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Shloka Shankar

Hi! I'm Shloka Shankar from Bangalore, India. I am, among other things, a poet, editor, publisher, and self-taught visual artist. I hold a Master's degree in English Literature and enjoy experimenting with Japanese short-forms and myriad found poetry techniques alike. I am passionate about creating digital art, abstract & geometric art, and collage/visual poems. Much of my work can be described as “happy accidents” that stem from my need to constantly give my thoughts a voice and shape. A Best of the Net nominee, Pushcart Prize nominee, and an award-winning haiku poet, I thrive in that liminal space intent on exploring the intersections of art and poetry in our everyday lives.


I don the hat of Founding Editor for the literary & arts journal Sonic Boom and its imprint Yavanika Press. I am the author of the microchap Points of Arrival (Origami Poems Project, 2021) and my debut full-length haiku collection, The Field of Why (Yavanika Press, 2022). 

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contemporary, vibrant, & quirky pieces for every mood...


gallery wall: 5" x 5" framed prints

gallery wall: 5" x 7" framed prints

the bric-à-brac collective

mini prints


Chrissi's haul

Whether infused with words or not, Shloka Shankar’s stunning abstract artwork pulsates with poetic depth and a unique, creative flair. Each of her designs propels you to ponder if there is something beyond what you actually see at first glance. I still stare in awe at the clocks and mug I purchased from her store and ask myself if there is more to it than meets the eye. I love her work! 

~ Chrissi Villa

Robin - stardust print
Robin art print

Shloka’s beautiful art has been an excellent addition to many of my rooms. I’ve purchased prints, mugs, tote bags, a sticker, and a clock; everything has been excellent quality. Her lovely colors and prints are an easy way to brighten up your home, an outfit, or just your day!

~ Robin Smith


Shloka’s mini art prints are dangerously good products to explore. They are striking in their subtlety, leaving you with an unexpected desire for more. So each time I turned a corner, I found myself ordering another one! Aside from being attractive holiday gifts for my co-workers, it also allowed me to pick something meaningful for each person. I am sure these beauties will continue to take centre stage long after the other holiday tchotchkes recede into the background. Shh...I kept one for myself, too!

~ Kashiana Singh


Shloka’s virtual store is a treat for sore eyes. They reflect just the mood you want to display: bright colours to cheer  you up, black and whites to slice into your everyday thoughts, and patterns that are quirky, fun, and highly aesthetic. Her art is my go-to for gifting. Thank you, Shloka!

~ Shobhana Kumar

Shradha - acrylic box
tote bag
bathroom mat
Sam with comforter

Shloka has developed a unique style of transforming her passions into exclusive designs and a wide-ranging product line using digital art, collage, and poetry. The resulting products are thoughts and creations straight from her heart which truly make them one-of-a-kind. For me, bric-à-brac is a perfect melange of vibrant colors, shapes, and artwork in a variety of styles. 

~ Shradha Chandramouli

Surekha 2
Surekha 3
Surekha 1

So happy with the art prints, they speak to me. I originally bought them to give as gifts, but now I am finding it difficult to part, so will keep them for myself.

~ Surekha Iyer

Susan with tote bag
Susan with art print

I love Shloka Shankar’s unique and thought-provoking art. From tote bags to mugs to fine-art prints, I always find something to add to my collection. I especially love her use of shape and color. 'Eye of the Horse' is my favorite print and reminds me of the horsehead nebula. It pops in my teal blue frame! Shloka is a master at combining word and image. Her 'All You Need Is Love' wall clock is a must-have for any Beatles fan or clock fanatic!

~ Susan Beth Furst



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