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my story.

I turned to creative writing in my twentieth year and, since then, it has been my solace for over a decade. The act of writing and art-making are largely cathartic for me as a Person with a Disability. I want to not only share my vision with my community of writers and artists but also with the world at large. 

My poetry workshops are a humble attempt to help other creatives embrace their chosen form of self-expression, namely writing. I firmly believe in building a nurturing community, a safe space where people can learn lesser-known forms of poetry and branch out beyond the obvious. I encourage them to tap into their creative wells and draw directly from experience.

I began my teaching journey in the midst of the pandemic in May 2020 and have taught nearly 400 students since. I have conducted workshops on several platforms such as Studio Ikigai, One Page Spotlight, LearnShare, BitClass, Rostrum Diaries, Off Topic Publishing (Canada), and have also facilitated special workshops for prestigious educational institutions, including Dr. BMN College of Home Science, Mumbai, Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai, the Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, Chatrabhuj Narsee School, Mumbai, and IIT Bombay (Literarium 2022). I have had the privilege and honour of being featured in the Hindustan Times and The Hindu Metroplus.


Art is accessible for everyone. You just have to show up! :) Are you ready to join me and find your unique voice that is waiting to be discovered? If you nodded your head in the affirmative, head on over and sign up for any of my signature workshops. If you like any of our products you can place your order.

Just write one good, fulfilling poem, then repeat. It's as simple as that. :)

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workshop reviews.


As a politically active person, I have always been interested in engaging with people using my studies and art. However, one of the toughest obstacles to cross had been on how to make it appear attractive enough for the common man, both young and old. My interest in poetry has helped me come a long way in overcoming that barrier. This interest led to enrolling in Shloka’s Visual poetry workshop and I was genuinely surprised with what I could produce. Today I am happy that I can use not just words but also colors to express myself and make my craft look attractive even to someone who speaks a different language.

~ Jayashri, Student of Studio Ikigai


This was my first run-in with Visual Poetry and it was really exciting to get to know how art and poetry can go hand-in-hand. I was also introduced to Asemic Writing in this session, which, I have to confess, has since left me mildly obsessed with the form. Shloka’s delivery and examples were excellent and very insightful throughout the workshop.

~ Sharon, Student of Studio Ikigai


Honestly, before attending the workshop, I thought we would be learning about the forms of poetry which are common and known to all. But after attending both workshops facilitated by Shloka, I actually realized that poetry can indeed be created out of everything and nothing. This workshop has given me the opportunity to delve deeper and nurture my creative faculties. I’ve been playing with words so far but after the workshops, I’ve begun to see that the combination of words and art can truly create a masterpiece! Shloka’s workshops have been one of the best I’ve attended with mind-blowing insights. Thank you for showing us that art has no boundaries! ♥

~ Vidhi, Student of Studio Ikigai


I had no clue about Visual Poetry before attending the workshop. It was a wonderful learning experience. The examples and methods shown to create each form were great fun and I have since been enjoying trying my hand at them all! I thank Shloka for introducing me to this new genre of poetry and art.

~ Chidambar, Student of Studio Ikigai


Shloka’s Found Poetry workshop was an absolute joy. It has not only given me an idea about fresh perspectives in modern-day poetry but also stoked an urge in me to look at everything about me through a new lens. From book spine poems to erasures to centos, this workshop has encouraged me to look for poetry in the most unexpected of places. Many thanks to Shloka for doing this. I look forward to learning more from her and her fun workshops!

~ Kausik, Student of Studio Ikigai


I really enjoyed both the sessions, and I learnt many useful things from the workshops. I am looking forward to more such poetry workshops with Shloka ma'am. Thanks a lot, ma’am! 

~ Aarav (11 years), Student of LearnShare


I had attended the Poetry As Storytelling 2-day workshop with Shloka ma’am, and I found the sessions very interesting, engaging, and informative. I learned various new techniques of poetry writing, different structures/styles, and perspectives that inspired me, and I am looking forward to putting them all into action. I really loved Shloka ma’am’s passion, creativity, and energy with which she took us through the sessions. She was fun, interactive, and inspiring! She took time to review our assignments in detail and helped us to improve with her expert guidance. It has been an immense pleasure to have been a part of this workshop and I look forward to attending more of these sessions with her in the future.

~ Aishani (14 years), Student of LearnShare

workshop reviews
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