Assorted Collage Papers - Pack of 20

Assorted Collage Papers - Pack of 20


Are you bored of looking at the same blank wall in your home/office space? Have you always wanted to create but found yourself musing, "Where do I start?" Here's one way you can! 


This pack of 20 assorted collage papers and art prints gives you the freedom and much-needed starting point for you to jump in and get your hands messy. Collage papers can be used for your index card projects, as backgrounds in your art journaling mixed-media pieces, ripped and used in your glue books, to add textures and patterns in your collage master boards, and so much more. 

  • How to use:

    1. Simply download the images, print them on regular A4 sheets, and spiral down the therapeutic rabbit hole of cutting and glueing. :)

    2. These papers are perfect to use for working in a series. For inspiration, check out this mini-glue book I made here.

    3. The individual artworks in this assorted pack also serve as instant home decor options. You can print them out on photo paper, frame them, and spruce up your rooms.

    4. The best part? You get Lifetime Access to the images, which means you can start over anytime you "mess up." ;) Psst...they make wonderful gifts, too!

    5. Please share the projects that you make using my collage papers on social media with the hashtag #bricabracart. Can't wait to see them! :)