Assorted Collage Papers - Pack of 10 (ii)

Assorted Collage Papers - Pack of 10 (ii)


Have you always wanted to create but found yourself musing, "Where do I start?" Here's one way you can! 


No time to harvest magazines? This pack of 10 assorted collage papers gives you the freedom and much-needed starting point for you to jump in and get your hands messy. Collage papers can be used for your index card projects, as backgrounds in your art journaling mixed-media pieces, ripped and used in your glue books, to add textures and patterns in your collage master boards, and so much more. 

  • How to use:

    1. Simply download the images, print them on regular A4 sheets, and spiral down the therapeutic rabbit hole of cutting and glueing. :)

    2. These papers are perfect to use for working in a series. 

    3. The best part? You get Lifetime Access to the images, which means you can start over anytime you "mess up." ;) 

    4. Please share the projects that you make using my collage papers on social media with the hashtag #bricabracart. Can't wait to see them! :)