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Digitally Downloadable Bookmarks

Haven't we all been guilty of grabbing absolutely anything we can that is at arm's length to use as a bookmark or, worse, gone ahead and performed the sacrilegious act of dog-earring our precious books? Thankfully, not any more!


How to use the bookmarks:


Step 1: Place your order for the bookmarks of your choice (numbers are given below each) by emailing me at bricabrac.orders@gmail.comThe price of each individual bookmark is Rs. 75/$1. You can also get a pack of six for Rs. 300/$4. The more eye candy the better, right? 

Step 2: You will then receive a PDF file in A4 size with the bookmarks of your choice. The size of each bookmark is 2 x 6 inches. 

Step 3: Please print the PDF file on thick paper/cardstock for best results. Trim your eye-popping bookmarks and start using them! Yes, you will have LIFETIME access to the file! If your bookmark tears or accidentally rips, you know what to do. Neat, eh? :) 



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